Dear Sun, I Am So Glad to See You Again!

I am so happy to report that we finally got nice weather this weekend!  And it wasn't a minute too soon!  This was the rainiest May on record in our area.  We even had snow on Memorial Day!  Where's that Dislike button??

So I'll take you on a stroll through my yard.  Many things are not blooming yet, but some are and after trying to be patient for so long, I had to show some pictures.  I'm sure once things are blooming like crazy, I'll be taking you on another stroll.  :)

These tulips were in bloom a couple of weeks ago.  They were just beautiful. 

These pansies were in full bloom a few weeks ago.  I went out one morning and they were all eaten by the deer.  But, they've come back nicely.  I had to get a picture before the deer figured out that they are available again.

 A friend gave me the burlap bag.  I love it and love the smell of lavendar by the front door.

The columbine seems to be doing ok in a hanging pot.  I know it won't last for long, but right now it's looking good!

The snapdragons, cosmos and candytuft are starting to bloom. 

There's a nest in this birdhouse and the cutest birds making their home in it!

I love lupine!  Here is a  plant that is ready to explode with blooms.  I can't wait! 

I'm pretty happy with the pond area.  We just put it in last year, so the perennials are still fairly new.  The sweet william are about the only thing blooming right now.  Daisies, coneflowers, daylilies, peonies, salvia, and rose of sharon will be flowering soon.

Here's another view of the pond.  The thyme is starting to fill in nicely between the flagstone.  The mesh across the pond is to keep our dog in his shallow area and not where the koi are.  It works.  :)

The people who lived here before us did an excellent job of planting ground covers all around the rocks.  I love the look of it cascading down.

Now it's time to sit and enjoy the good weather! 

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