Make a Rustic Old Box using a New Fence Board

A couple of months ago I aged a new fence board to put as a shelf under an old window.  You can see that post HERE.  I loved the idea of using Apple Cider Vinegar and Steel Wool to make a brand new board look old.  This time I wanted to make a box for my island.

I was at Lowe's and found a regular fence board.  This one had bad sides, which I'm sure wouldn't make someone who was building a fence happy, but it made me happy.

I put on my gloves (apple cider vinegar is pretty smelly!) and applied the vinegar with steel wool.  The first coat didn't go on that great and I had little black spots all over the board.  I just kept applying more coats until I got the grey/worn look that I wanted.  (I waited about an hour between coats of the vinegar.)

I then cut the boards to make a box.  To make it easy, I made it as wide as the fence board is so I didn't have to cut the bottom at all.  The dimensions are 16" long by 5 1/4" wide.  My husband who loves woodworking  wanted to make the box perfect, but that's not the look I was going for.  :)  Anyway, he did glue the sides and used his finish nailer to hold everything together.  He clamped it up overnight and it was good to go.  

On the ends where I had made my cuts, I needed to rough it up a little, then apply more of the vinegar.

I love that the edges are all very rough looking.  I put the glass jars that came with a flatware caddy I already had and put some flowers in each jar.

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