Snowy Morning Equals Garage Sale Scores

Even though it snowed quite a bit the other night, I thought I'd hit one garage sale the next morning that advertised that they'd be open regardless of the weather. 

I wasn't really expecting to find anything, so was pleasantly surprised when I found a lot of stuff!  The first thing I saw was this ladder.  I was so excited, then even more so when I saw the price---$1.  It's old, it's wooden, it's in great shape with great 'patina'. It even has a Montgomery Ward paper label under the tray.  Let's see, $1 for all of this??  Yes,  I was sold! 

I  found some big Atlas canning jars.  I'm not sure what I'll use them for yet, but I think they're neat.  And at 20 cents apiece, I had to get some.  There was another lady buying most of what they had, so I was able to grab five jars and was happy with that.

You're probably wondering about the beautiful filthy chair... As I was walking out, I saw it.  It was $2.  I'm sure I can do something with it.  My husband thinks I'm out of my mind, but structurally it's in great shape and with some paint and some new upholstery, it should look great!  Now it's on to a search of blogs that have tutorials on reupholstering this type of chair.  (And worst case scenario is that I can't redo it and I'm out $2)  :)

I got two frames. One had a painting in it.  I removed it and will take it to a charity, as it looks like someone local would enjoy it.  I spent time this afternoon painting both and will make chalkboards out of them.

I like this sifter. I've cleaned it and put it above my kitchen cabinets. 

So I ended up with the ladder, chair, canning jars, frames, pitcher, sifter and a scale weight and my grand total was $8.60!  I am thrilled with my new treasures.

Thanks for coming by!



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